Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

It occurred to me, after reflecting some about my experience, at that party from last week, that there is a Jekyll & Hyde phenomenon┬álurking in many club patrons, gay men in particular. It also occurred to me that there is a day & night phenomenon that I want to explore for a few moments. What […]

It’s a bad economy.

That’s the mantra for every excuse right now. Probably because it’s true. One piece of advice I’m not sure I’ve blogged about yet: Make sure that your adult entertainment career is either diversified, so that you don’t depend on tips alone (i.e. start a website for yourself that generates money , or some activity like […]

A response: “These porn stars. Where do they all come from?”

Many of the threads on the site where I chat are ridiculous, stupid, infuriating, bitchy, mean, and generally worthless; however, they tend to generate some classic flame wars, so that makes them tolerable. I admit that my own contributions have often taken them in that direction. I’m not innocent in this. However, there is one […]