I love doing GAY videos (as opposed to gay for pay)!

OMG! So I know that not everything in work is always going to be perfect, but I am SO FREAKING GLAD I’m out from under the contract with the stupid Sean Cody site and the latent (re: patent?) homophobia on their sets. Doing COLT/Buckshot and Falcon is so much better for me personally. I met my scene partner for […]

Rant: Livelihood vs career

In light of what is happening with Rekers there are a great many conversations out there dominated by people who should shut the fuck up. “Escorting is a livelihood, not a career.” Oh, really? Well, look who knows so much. Let’s take a moment to evaluate whether or not escorting is a career. A career […]

Street walkers, walking into darkness

So, the title for this entry is a reference to a song by Michael Jackson from his album Dangerous called “Why You Wanna Trip On Me?” It’s appropriate, because of a situation involving an escort whom I met last weekend in New York City. For almost a year now I have met many great people, […]

Advice: The lack of it lately

I have been getting some emails asking what is tantamount to “Why haven’t you been giving much career advice or offering personal observations now that you’re not dancing in clubs?” There are (what I think) three very good reasons: I have been escorting for only 8 months or so. In my mind I want to have […]

MobileMe: A plug for the awesome Apple products!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE APPLE!!! Omg! Omg! I had my iPhone and iMac syncing through MobileMe for the past week, and I have just installed Outlook 2007 on my laptop (which is Windows based), and now all three are syncing!! Do you even understand how much this will simplify my life????? I confess: I completely resisted […]