Sarah Palin said I’m worthless LOL

I’ve begun the process of going to a councilor/therapist. Each week he offers me tools/exercises to help me contend with the issues we’re examining. We started with emotional journaling, so he could get a sense of how I was thinking and to what extent my moods were shifting. The next week he reminded me of […]

You are perfect as you are

It’s the holiday season, and that isn’t easy for me. There’s all sorts of family crap that happens (and many of you will be able to relate to that, I’m sure). I am thankful for a great many gifts/talents, people, situations, and opportunities in my life, and I acknowledge that far more often than once […]

Sex Slavery in Nepal

Hello, My name is Devon Hunter, and I saw the CNN story about your organization that helps care for victims of sexual slavery in Nepal. I was deeply moved, both by the generosity of Maiti Nepal and the strength of spirit in the girls and women who have survived brutality. I want to help financially, […]