Fantasy shoot: Dylan Rosser

This is connected to one of my Thanksgiving meditations: “I am maintaining or improving, as well as learning to see and appreciate, the beauty in me that so many others already exalt, and I am humbly luxuriating in that Gift.” We need inspiration to persevere consistently enough to attain our goals, and visualizing the desired result […]

YAY for fun Kylie-gay-porn-videos!

I absolutely LOVE this video. I have been watching it multiple times each day, because the dancers look so happy and free. I also love it when gay men act like gay men (or when straight men aren’t afraid to let loose). This video is so well done on so many levels: 1) there are […]

Interview: MOC Blog and Devon talk race, homophobia, and gay porn

Hello, all! 🙂 Here’s the link to the interview I did recently with MOC Blog. If you have any thoughts or responses, feel free to comment either here or at MOC Blog. I am adding this blog to my list of friends, and this link will also be under the Interviews tab at the top […]

I cast thee out: Get behind me, Satan!

“From ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord deliver us.” We all have our demons. I am definitely not an exception. I still have a particular monster under my bed. (I would say I have a skeleton in my closet, but the door is wide open, […]

The next level

Well, where to begin??? As always, too much to do in too little time; however, I prefer being overwhelmed to being bored ANY DAY. I have to say it: I entertain myself pretty well. What with all my projects and drama, there’s never a dull moment, eh? 😉 Okay, so it’s time to start getting […]