Busting cherries 101

Hi Devon, How are you? I am Vince, and I just have a question (or should I say, “I need you advice?”). My boyfriend and I have been together for three years now. But the thing is, we haven’t had anal sex! Ever! Our physical intimacy is limited to oral. We finally decided to give […]

The etiquette of preparing for anal sex: Being the receptive partner

I have been asked a few times about this, and I have avoided talking about it, not because I’m squeamish, but because I wanted to treat it with some delicacy (much as I would want my insertive partner to treat my delicate little hoo-haw with some delicacy as well). I am writing this for a […]

OOOOPS! Dontcha feel yooozed?! LOL

Okay, funny moment yesterday… I was bored in Atlanta and surfing, so I decided to see who all was cruising on ManHunt. Anyway, this hot, 40-something muscle dude start chatting me up. I was definitely feelin’ it. Excellent strong, natural body. Thickness everywhere: Hefty and meaty, but still toned and lean. Just a touch of silver […]

Assholes don’t matter

This may at first come across as a vulgar and gratuitously sexual entry; however, if you will bear with me, I will tell you why I have chosen to write it… Yesterday I was drowning in one of my pools of emotion. I have climbed out of it much quicker than I normally do when […]