GaySexCast Interviews Devon

Recently I had a conversation with Lichen Craig, one of the hosts at During our talk we introduced her audience to some of the concepts I have been blogging about over the years, particularly as they pertain to professionalism and self esteem. Please click here if you would like to hear the podcast!

He lives! Birthday 2013

To quote Mrs. Doubtfire, “Well, helloooooooooooo!” Yes, I am still alive. And I would like to make an observation: I rarely blog anymore, because I haven’t needed to. This space was a place for me to iron out some wrinkles (often as part of helpful conversations with readers who shared their insights with me), and […]

They’re ba-ack… I cast thee out!

The last several days have been incredibly topsey turvey. I was in Denver for the first time this past weekend (trying to relax from a very hectic two weeks after the launch of my new site), and feeling really great about a decision I made before my wedding to recreate my diet, fitness, and body. […]