Guest Writer: J.P. Barnaby (1 of 3), “Have we failed the test?”

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Porn Stars as life coaches: The wisdom of Conner Habib

I don’t know to what degree my readers keep up with events in gay porn circles; however, there has been another HIV scare, and another round of finger pointing. In the midst of all the judgment and drama there is one porn model who has written a very humane and compassionate blog entry about all […]

Interview: interviewing Devon Hunter

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that a story about adult video models and their roles as independent brands within the biz is out. There are comments from a variety of personalities with a wide range of opinions about bare backing in videos, independence vs exclusivity, and other topics. I will include a […]

Busting cherries 101

Hi Devon, How are you? I am Vince, and I just have a question (or should I say, “I need you advice?”). My boyfriend and I have been together for three years now. But the thing is, we haven’t had anal sex! Ever! Our physical intimacy is limited to oral. We finally decided to give […]

Interview: Devon Hunter speaking to Jayson at Cock-2-Go

At the end of June, 2010 I gave a substantial interview to Jayson for his podcast. He interviews a variety of people, and I just happen to be one of the porn models he has interviewed. Jayson has a wide variety of conversations with many interesting people, and I would definitely encourage you to visit […]