A rose by any other name…

I have been asked repeatedly how I decided to use the name Devon Hunter, and in the aftermath of the Sean Cody discussion I should finally tell this story. You see, someone has decided (in a fit of revenge) to release my legal name to the public. I have been waiting for someone to finally expose […]

Know before you go, part 1 of 3: Sean Cody

NOTE: Sean Cody revealed my legal name, and they may release yours too! ———————————————- This is a three-part blog entry that will give background information about adult video projects and how they operate, so that others will have candid information before they decide that videos are the choice for them or not. I will be […]

Assholes don’t matter

This may at first come across as a vulgar and gratuitously sexual entry; however, if you will bear with me, I will tell you why I have chosen to write it… Yesterday I was drowning in one of my pools of emotion. I have climbed out of it much quicker than I normally do when […]

The stress of success

I have discovered a new fear (or at least a different incarnation of a familiar one): The fear of financial success. It’s odd… I find that I work very hard in various endeavors, hoping to attain some modicum of “success” in whatever it is I’m doing; however, as soon as I start to see those […]