So long… farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

I haven’t been active much for quite a long time, but I wanted to leave off with a fond farewell. I’ve never really recovered from what happened last summer, and my heart hasn’t been at all in trying to figure out the business in a post-RentBoy world. For whatever it’s worth, I hope I’ve left […]

Take a bow…

There comes a time in any career when you have to start considering how you will make your exit (Here are some ideas for careers that you can consider after leaving performance). I’m not talking about my own situation (although I’ll address that in a moment), but of a friend’s. He’s been doing adult entertainment […]

Career opportunities after the lights go down

I hear it said fairly often that being an exotic dancer is a short-lived, unsustainable, no-end career. I would make the same argument about education, given the fact that half or more of new teachers leave the field after five years or less. The point is this: In any career you have to be creative, […]