Guest Writer: J.P. Barnaby (3 of 3), “The best way to alienate your fans”

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New video, photography, and interview projects for August 2010

Hello 🙂 Nothing much to report here. Just wanting to give a quick update. I had a successful trip to DC this past weekend, and last night I got to visit with my friend Sean Knight (once I got home to Charlotte). He was here while I was away, and then we went to dinner […]

Interview: Stacey Swimme of St. James Infirmary

Devon Hunter: Please tell me: a) the contact info you would want used in the interview, b) a brief description of the organization’s history,  c) and how the organization fills a gap in standard attitudes towards sex workers. Stacey Swimme: I am the Development Director of St. James Infirmary. St. James Infirmary provides compassionate and […]

Black dancers don’t make any money?

Perhaps this isn’t the case where you live? But I’m working throughout Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. I can speak only from my own experience… I know several gorgeous dancers of color. Some are Latino, one is Asian, and the remaining are African American. Most of the Latinos do very well, and so does the […]