Destroying my idols

(Click to enlarge) I don’t know what the actual fuck is wrong with the universe, but 2016 can go right along with 2014 and 2015 and fuck themselves. I haven’t had so many crap years back to back since high school. 2017 WILL BE AMAZING: I DEMAND IT BE SO. I was out of the […]

Detroit for the first time

I’m finally, finally, finally going to Detroit! I’ve considered going on so many occasions, but have never done it. I will be meeting a new client for the first time, and I’m very excited, because together we planned the trip enough to be full, but loose enough for improvisation as needed. What is going to […]

Aaaaaaaaaand, scene! (Adventure and Rest, October 2010)

OMG, our performance went so well tonight! I am glad we are done (for the next month), because my back is killing me! But that is part and parcel with doing the type of work I choreograph. Time to veg for a day or two, and sit at home with kitty. I would also like […]