New Scene: “Parker’s Mirage” with Parker London

Okay, earlier this week I had a false alarm when a publicity still was released. Sorry again for that! This, however, is not a fake: The scene I shot with Parker London back in October, 2010 was released this morning. I actually have a link to a preview for the scene this time, so now […]

What happens in Palm Springs does not stay in Palm Springs

Okay, honeys… This will be short but festive. I did my first scene for this trip last night, and it was with Parker London. Very cool guy, and he is definitely a rock star: He was ooo-ing and ahhh-ing people’s music collections (and I didn’t recognize any of the names he was enamored with… That […]

Falcon’s “Summer Heat”

I have just discovered that the Falcon movie I shot a few months ago is in production and will be entitled “Summer Heat.” You can follow this link to see more information about the film as it progresses toward release. You can click to enlarge the two pictures below, and they will also be added […]

I love doing GAY videos (as opposed to gay for pay)!

OMG! So I know that not everything in work is always going to be perfect, but I am SO FREAKING GLAD I’m out from under the contract with the stupid Sean Cody site and the latent (re: patent?) homophobia on their sets. Doing COLT/Buckshot and Falcon is so much better for me personally. I met my scene partner for […]