Destroying my idols

(Click to enlarge) I don’t know what the actual fuck is wrong with the universe, but 2016 can go right along with 2014 and 2015 and fuck themselves. I haven’t had so many crap years back to back since high school. 2017 WILL BE AMAZING: I DEMAND IT BE SO. I was out of the […]

“This Is It” & having the best Mom EVER

I just got back from seeing the midnight screening of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It.” You really must see it… He was such a funny person. I love his artistry. I love his humanity. It was a wonderful production, and that the performances never happened before audiences is really a shame. Tonight I got a […]

I got it from my Momma

I’ve mentioned in the past that my family knows what I do for a living and is supportive and encouraging. But lately I’ve had a few people question the veracity of this claim. “Your mother couldn’t possibly (insert whatever she couldn’t possibly do here).” Well, last night Mom called me while I was at Swinging […]