Guest Writer: “In Winter” by Josh O’Hara

Quite some time back, I did an interview with former Titan Man, Josh O’Hara. Since that time he and I have become good friends, and I enjoy seeing him every visit to San Francisco. He’s a beautiful man, but I think we as a community should start distinguishing what we mean by that. When I […]

First time for everything: That’s what friends are for.

An acquaintance I’ve had for some years and who has always been attracted to me has just set up an appointment. His boyfriend hurt him and they broke up, and he needs to splurge on himself. And he has chosen to do that with me. He says I have always turned him on, and that […]

The newest gay superhero: Dr. Anticlimax

Okay, a little background about what’s going on lately. I’ve been pretty open about being an escort with just about everyone. I tend to treat it the way Madonna did when pictures of her came out in Penthouse way back in 1985. Her response was something on the order of, “Yeah. And?” It kinda killed […]

A Valentine’s Day poem wasted, but pretty nonetheless

Dear Matt, When I wrote this I wanted to make you into heaven-angel/landscape-garden, because of your blue eyes (sky), light hair (sun), fair skin (clouds/marble), and intoxicating sex (flowers/nectar). Do you see how beautiful you are to me? The structure of the poem is this: I created three haiku. I don’t know if you know […]

Just because

I get a massage almost weekly without exception. I need them. Between working out, dancing, traveling, and life I have to. I don’t have health insurance, so I have to take care of myself with exercise, diet, and massage. I intend to add a bit more cardio to my life, and I am going to […]