Recycling is good

Two of my HotHouse scenes have been placed on “Backroom Exclusives, Vol. 22.” That’s flattering! 🙂 Although these aren’t new scenes, they’re been repackaged and distributed, so I thought I would give you a head’s up in case you want some of my HotHouse content on DVD, rather than streaming/download. The scenes are those I […]

New Video: HotHouse duo with Gavin Waters

Hello! Sorry for the break in blogging, but this week has been intensely busy: We had more dance company performances (the first of which was tonight, and we enjoyed dancing for an enthusiastic crowd of people who asked intelligent questions during the Q&A afterward). Anyway, a stray Tweet brought my attention to the fact that […]

HotHouse video: Backroom with Conner O’Reilly

Only an hour ago I posted that I had nothing to say tonight, and wrote simply that the Gallery was rearranged… Well, I mispoke: Tonight my duo with Conner O’Reilly went live. You can click here to see a preview of the scene. I remember this one fondly – he was a very nice boy. […]

Know before you go, part 2 of 3: Shooting styles amongst the houses

NOTE: Sean Cody revealed my legal name, and they may release yours too! ———————————————- This is a three-part blog entry that will give background information about adult video projects and how they operate, so that others will have candid information before they decide that videos are the choice for them or not. I will be […]

More HotHouse work: Gavin Waters :)

When I was last in San Francisco I got to do a Backroom Live scene with Lucas Knowles, and I did a Backroom scene with Conner O’Reilly. I was supposed to do a third scene, but I had to get home to rehearse and spend time with friends, family, and KITTY!!! OMG I miss my […]