The cycle of gay-on-gay abuse

“Question devon: What does it take to be a male prostitute? Is there a college degree needed? Do your parents know that their gay child sells his scummy body with receding hair or were your parents of the same venue? These are questions that you need to answer yourself. Hopefully you will connect with the […]

Guest Writer: J.P. Barnaby, “My Brother Benjamin”

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It gets better… but WHEN?

I just read that yet another gay teen has committed suicide because of bullying, this time in Minnesota. I very much applaud the “It Gets Better” campaign, and I am especially glad that attention is being focused (finally) on this ongoing crisis within the LGBT community; however, I am getting tired quickly of being patient […]

Interview: Queer & Queerer interviewing Devon Hunter

“Zack and Peterson are pleased to welcome a special guest to today’s show. Beaming in from Charlotte, NC is Devon Hunter, who is an adult film actor, escort, and dancer. He’s also an avid writer and blogger who reaches out to educate about the adult entertainment industry and queer culture. Throughout the discussion, we discuss […]

Interview: MOC Blog and Devon talk race, homophobia, and gay porn

Hello, all! 🙂 Here’s the link to the interview I did recently with MOC Blog. If you have any thoughts or responses, feel free to comment either here or at MOC Blog. I am adding this blog to my list of friends, and this link will also be under the Interviews tab at the top […]