Fifty Shades of Matte Gray

Fifty Shades of Matte Gray: Gay Porn and the Straight Look by Alexander Joseph (originally published on SEAN CODY IS A fifteen-year-old porn site for gay men fascinated by what’s been called dude sex or bro sex.1 The videographers strive to convince us we’re watching two or more all-American heterosexual college-jock types go at […]

Total Pimpology for your mind: Arpad Miklos + hot, drunk chick + slow motion swag = gratuitous heterosexuality

Oh great Goddess, it has been a crazy day. But a very empowering one, nonetheless. Lemme break some knowledge down for my peeps… So, I was flirting online with a total freaking hottie. Oh. My. God. Becky. What? Anyway, he turns out to be a veteran of gay adult video, and thinks I’m stunning. I’m […]