Bareback background: An official position

A reader/client/friend sent me an email making some observations about the scene I recently completed with Rusty Stevens for Dominic Ford. This reader brings up the valid point that “Knowing you, I know pretty well that you would not do anything without thinking it through very well first, including working with a guy with the […]

Suite 703 films

I have been in Fort Lauderdale all week at my agent’s house, and we have been having some crazy times! The guys who have been in the house with me this week are amazingly diverse in their personalities. I have been enjoying myself tremendously (and it’s nice walking from room to room and bumping into […]

New video, photography, and interview projects for August 2010

Hello 🙂 Nothing much to report here. Just wanting to give a quick update. I had a successful trip to DC this past weekend, and last night I got to visit with my friend Sean Knight (once I got home to Charlotte). He was here while I was away, and then we went to dinner […]

Know before you go, part 3 of 3: The Advantages of an Agent

NOTE: Sean Cody revealed my legal name, and they may release yours too! ———————————————- This is a three-part blog entry that will give background information about adult video projects and how they operate, so that others will have candid information before they decide that videos are the choice for them or not. I will be […]