GaySexCast Interviews Devon

Recently I had a conversation with Lichen Craig, one of the hosts at During our talk we introduced her audience to some of the concepts I have been blogging about over the years, particularly as they pertain to professionalism and self esteem. Please click here if you would like to hear the podcast!

Escorting 101 (Don’t let this happen to you)

From time to time I encounter or learn about behavior that is so disappointing that it becomes necessary to address it as a point for Career Advice. I think it is time to bring special attention to the three most important guiding principles of Escorting as a modality of Adult Entertainment. There is (or at […]

Interview: Gay Porn Fanatic interviews Devon

Hey everybody! I hope you’re having a good week so far. 🙂 An interview I gave about 10 days ago has gone live. If you would like to read it, you can click to follow this link. For the most part it’s what I’ve said before about gay-for-pay, my path entering into adult entrainment, and […]

Addendum on Time Wasters and No-Shows

Two flakes here in Philly have reminded me of a class of time waster I’d overlooked when I wrote “Red Flags: Time Wasters & No-Shows,” but I remember them now… The young and the beautiful: Clients under 30 years old, students of any age, and self-professed hot guys are extraordinarily likely to flake. Although a […]

Red flags: Time Wasters & No-Shows

I haven’t written a practical blog for career advice in quite a while, so it’s time to do that. In light of two of my interactions here in San Francisco, I am reminded that I have meant to discuss this in the past: Timewasters. In escorting, as with many other professions, time is money. And […]