Falcon shoot (edit: with Benjamin Bradley)

Well, I have arrived in Los Angeles from San Diego where I was visiting with my friend Sean Knight. Yesterday I rode up, and there were some great views of the water along the railroad tracks, especially at San Clemente Pier. Today I do my still shots for Falcon, and tomorrow will be the action […]

Rant: Livelihood vs career

In light of what is happening with Rekers there are a great many conversations out there dominated by people who should shut the fuck up. “Escorting is a livelihood, not a career.” Oh, really? Well, look who knows so much. Let’s take a moment to evaluate whether or not escorting is a career. A career […]

Food for thought (part 2)

In the first “Food for thought” entry I discussed my supper¬†at Taverna Plaka in Atlanta, Georgia. That was a wonderful experience, but not quite perfect (but through no fault of the restaurant itself). Something was missing for that dinner: Company. Meals are the very essence of quality time for friends and family, and I wasn’t […]

Food for thought

I ate recently at a Greek restaurant in Atlanta called Taverna Plaka. It was an amazing experience, not only because of the food, but because of the process involved in eating it. I was reminded of how wonderful food can be, and the way it is celebrated at every meal in places like France and […]

Sculpture: A long term process

I get asked fairly often what I’ve been doing in the last year or two to get my¬†fitness results. I’ve decided to be very specific, despite the fact that each person has his/her own gender, age, body type, metabolism, race, motivation level, and other host of factors that will affect his/her ability to implement any […]