Subj: Re: A transatlantic hug!

Hi Devon, Writing this e-mail feels a little strange, mainly because it’s not what I was expecting to say to you at all. I had intended to relay the curious tale of how a straight white Scottish girl (me!) found herself perusing the web-page of an intelligent, funny, erudite and thought provoking gay guy from […]

Happy Thanksgiving, 2010

Hello and Happy Holidays! Wow, 2010 has all but flown by already… You’re getting old! (I’m not. Somehow, I’m still 24. ;)) I want to take a moment to give thanks and appreciation to family, friends, patrons, readers, and other positive people in my life. Having a network of supportive people is so important, and […]

Aaaaaaaaaand, scene! (Adventure and Rest, October 2010)

OMG, our performance went so well tonight! I am glad we are done (for the next month), because my back is killing me! But that is part and parcel with doing the type of work I choreograph. Time to veg for a day or two, and sit at home with kitty. I would also like […]

Being a lesser cherub amongst greater angels…

So, I just made an observation while having a beautiful dinner with a delightful client: Many people are transitioning into adult entertainment (even if temporarily), because they cannot find other work. I noted after our dinner that many of the servers in the restaurant should put ads on RentBoy. My client then observed that it […]