Interview: Queer & Queerer interviewing Devon Hunter

“Zack and Peterson are pleased to welcome a special guest to today’s show. Beaming in from Charlotte, NC is Devon Hunter, who is an adult film actor, escort, and dancer. He’s also an avid writer and blogger who reaches out to educate about the adult entertainment industry and queer culture. Throughout the discussion, we discuss […]

The next level

Well, where to begin??? As always, too much to do in too little time; however, I prefer being overwhelmed to being bored ANY DAY. I have to say it: I entertain myself pretty well. What with all my projects and drama, there’s never a dull moment, eh? 😉 Okay, so it’s time to start getting […]

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find out what it means to me!

Hello Devon, I just saw a bit of your Rentmen video interview, and have glanced at your blog.  This was enough to send you a “thank you” for your honesty, and for representing someone with talent and intelligence in the adult field.  Your pictures are great, and I believe you promised more adult work to […]

Dear Abby, So I just found out my boyfriend is a _____…

Dear Devon, So I was interested in getting to know a little more about you. I was an entertainer as well (ie: a dancer), but never did porn… was offered..  (thoughtfully)…as well as a musician… I wondered: Is it hard for you to have relationships, because you’re a Sean Cody boy? And, when you do, having sex […]

The myth of the unobtainable straight man: An open rant to fags who fixate on breeders

It is time to look for a day job to supplement my dance income. I’m tired of depending these last six months on the whim of patrons. This week has been the single worst I’ve had in nearly a year… It’s so bad that I’ve considered some options that, for me, aren’t options. And, to […]