“True You” (Part 3 of 3)

(Part 1 of this series was published on February 26, 2011.  Part 2 of this series was published on February 28, 2011. I then forgot to complete the task until now…) “Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Comparisons are almost always harmful. Comparisons mean there’s a winner and loser – and you’re the one who winds up […]

Nailed it!

Lately I have been roiled with feelings of inadequacy. I mean, truly shitty feelings. I’ve not felt this bad in YEARS, and I had forgotten exactly how powerfully awful my emotions can get. I don’t take for granted the many consecutive years of happiness I enjoyed, and I really need to get back to that […]

GaySexCast Interviews Devon

Recently I had a conversation with Lichen Craig, one of the hosts at GaySexCast.com. During our talk we introduced her audience to some of the concepts I have been blogging about over the years, particularly as they pertain to professionalism and self esteem. Please click here if you would like to hear the podcast!

RIP @JasminePetite

Petite Jasmine was murdered, and I am so sad and angry about it that I feel compelled to blog about it. I have said/apologized in my “recent” entries that I haven’t blogged consistently for a while, because I haven’t needed to. I haven’t had a reason, or I haven’t wanted to be repetitive. This blog […]