Swinging Richards madness

Okay, I have to admit something: I’ve been a horrible bitch lately. I have a “good” excuse… well, as good as I can come up with: Swinging Richards. It’s one of the only all-nude gay strip clubs in the country, and the guys there are intimidating to say the least. Match that with my personality […]

A beautiful conflict: Gems or doubloons?

I’m in the midst of a crisis: I just realized that one of the singular events that not only helped me survive is also the single experience that inhibits me the most from growing. When a weight that helped build strength becomes a heavy burden, it is time to put it down and rest. That is easier […]

I have a client who wants to take it out of the club…

First, I am not advocating prostitution. Second, I’m also not judging it. I’m simply going to ask you some (biased) questions that may help you to decide whether or not you want to leave the club and go to a private place: Do you really need the money that badly? It’s just money, afterall. Are you […]

Don’t ask, don’t tell

My entire life there has never been any question whatsoever from anyone I’ve ever met as to my sexuality. Suddenly that has changed. In February, 2008 I was dancing at WareHouse 250 in Florence, SC and no one would talk to me, make eye contact, or approach me. When I asked then-owner Jeffrey Brown what was […]


It’s natural, I think, to want to make as much money as possible, given that cash is the life’s blood of the economy we live in. I may not like it, but money is necessary. Sometimes I get so tired of chasing after a buck, but then I realized something today: I enjoy what I […]