Fifty Shades of Matte Gray

Fifty Shades of Matte Gray: Gay Porn and the Straight Look by Alexander Joseph (originally published on SEAN CODY IS A fifteen-year-old porn site for gay men fascinated by what’s been called dude sex or bro sex.1 The videographers strive to convince us we’re watching two or more all-American heterosexual college-jock types go at […]

Sarah Palin said I’m worthless LOL

I’ve begun the process of going to a councilor/therapist. Each week he offers me tools/exercises to help me contend with the issues we’re examining. We started with emotional journaling, so he could get a sense of how I was thinking and to what extent my moods were shifting. The next week he reminded me of […]

Happy Birthday, you can get married!

Spoiler Alert: Dark and heavy existential crisis ahead. Go elsewhere, if this isn’t what you want right now. I’m leaving Sunday for a week in Scotland. I very much look forward to being there. I need a break from reality. If you continue reading, you might understand better why I crave escapism at the moment. […]

My impression of myself

This entry is going to be all over the place, because there’s a great deal going on lately that doesn’t feel connected (but I know it is somehow… I’ll improvise at the conclusion). The Michael Brown incident is currently triggering demonstrations all across the United States, now that a Grand Jury has decided not to […]