Interview: Gay Porn Fanatic interviews Devon

Hey everybody! I hope you’re having a good week so far. 🙂 An interview I gave about 10 days ago has gone live. If you would like to read it, you can click to follow this link. For the most part it’s what I’ve said before about gay-for-pay, my path entering into adult entrainment, and […]

Guest Writer: “In Winter” by Josh O’Hara

Quite some time back, I did an interview with former Titan Man, Josh O’Hara. Since that time he and I have become good friends, and I enjoy seeing him every visit to San Francisco. He’s a beautiful man, but I think we as a community should start distinguishing what we mean by that. When I […]

Fantasy shoot: Dylan Rosser

This is connected to one of my Thanksgiving meditations: “I am maintaining or improving, as well as learning to see and appreciate, the beauty in me that so many others already exalt, and I am humbly luxuriating in that Gift.” We need inspiration to persevere consistently enough to attain our goals, and visualizing the desired result […]

YAY for fun Kylie-gay-porn-videos!

I absolutely LOVE this video. I have been watching it multiple times each day, because the dancers look so happy and free. I also love it when gay men act like gay men (or when straight men aren’t afraid to let loose). This video is so well done on so many levels: 1) there are […]