“Morning Wood” with David-SF

Hey everyone! I am on the plane to get home from San Francisco. While I was out there I finally got to meet one of my favorite escorts: David-SF. He invited me to do a home movie with him, and it has turned out to be one of the best scenes I have done to date. Get rid of the lights, do everything in a single 15-minute take without interruptions, let the chemistry work, and this is what you end up with. I hope you enjoy this almost completely unedited movie.

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  1. Oh. My. God. That is some of the best porn I have ever seen. I absolutely love David SF; hes just so hot with the scruff and the eyes and that gruff ruggedness.. wow.. just wow..

  2. Though I wasn’t able to view the video on my iPad, I went to Davis’s website to check him out. Man! Just even imagining the two of you together is exciting! Two absolutely gorgeous men.

  3. Now that was extremely hott…very passionate…seems like the chemistry between you to was incredible for the to of you to have just or recently met…I love a hott passionate encounter between two sexxxy men. The kissing was definately a plus. So when you go back for round two lets have a 69 and David needs to bust a nut or two…very hott.

    1. It almost looks like we’re peeking in on two lovers, except at the very end of the video…I can only imagine what I’d like to see the two of you do next. Both of you are pretty damn sexxxy to me.

  4. Dammit! I want to watch that soooo bad but you know I can’t! lol The kissing at the beginning alone tells me it was probably un-be-lie-vable!

    Send me a transcript!

    Did he do his dirrrty talkin’ thing? Did he exploit the angles when he was hitting up your woo-woo? I guess I can wait until we catch up by phone, but I expect a play by play!

  5. Devon – This was amazing and incredibly hot. You two are a good match, and you’re right in terms of the chemistry being so good. Wish I’d been the one holding the camera! 🙂

  6. Loved it, but you already know that. The pleasure is written all over your beautiful face. I have some things I’d like to ask about it next time we talk! 🙂

  7. Well my friend what can I say? Hot video. Had to come look after you sent me an email about it. David-SF is a really sexy guy too and he distracts me from the fact that one of the people in this video is someone I know so well… we’ll talk more I’m sure. 🙂

  8. Wow that was hot, a performance with real passion and chemistry that is sadly lacking in a lot of porn these days. When two guys click it makes such a difference and you two were on fire, please let there be a round 2.

  9. Wow, this seems like such a departure for you, and I’m not talkin’ about production values. This is the first time (from my VERY biased point of view) that you’ve portrayed anything but a “power bottom”…uh…receiver/receptor/receptive(to-may-to/to-mah-to?) when you’ve assumed that role. Here, you (again my bias) show a distinct…vulnerability…I think that’s the term I want. Whether planned or not, it was powerful to watch and presents yet another facet of your persona. It felt voyeuristic to watch…like two lovers’ first time.
    So, could this be a preview of the work to come out of your very own (hopefully soon-to-be-created) studio???
    Sir, may we have some more please???

    1. Kal, I certainly hope you are being facetious. 😉 Are you faulting me for making videos of myself that are better than most of the professional videos that have been made with me in them? I look terrible in most of my pro videos. How is it possible that at 8 am and half asleep with a hand held camcorder that I look better than I do with all the lights and preparation???

      However, if you are serious in your criticism, then let me say this (and please know that the following is NOT aimed at YOU, nor is it said in anger at all):

      The gay porn industry’s crapper status has little or nothing to do with me. I owe that industry exactly NOTHING. I went into it to exploit it for my own gains. There is nothing hypocritical in this, given the degree to which that industry has exploited others (myself included… re: The careless manner in which my personal information was needlessly divulged publicly by the vengeful homophobes at Sean Cody), and I would point out that I’ve not received enough work from that industry to feel indebted or loyal to it (especially since the work I have done, with the ironic exception of Sean Cody [a company that is mired in its own intolerable issues], has paid nowhere near enough to ingratiate me or encourage me to feel obliged to preserve its status quo).

      In short, when I can find a way to do so, I will create more of my own videos for my own purposes (which are an extension of my blog’s mission statement), and it will have very little to do with what the current professional studios like or do not like. I also have a fairly well developed idea for producing porn content and porn function that could revolutionize everything about adult video and the way it becomes an interactive media.

      But, since you were being facetious… none of that matters. 🙂

      1. hahaha well i was being both.it’s kinda shocking for me how many times I was let down by edited/scripted/elaborated porn scenes compared to how many times I was shocked to see how much better candid/raw/real can look like even if the quality of the recording is poor(in fact i’ve never seen amatorial porn until recently because i’m a Hd freak).So many contrived position vs natural realistic ones!

        I understand what kind of target keeps porn alive but still i can’t understand what keeps major studios from shaking up things just a little bit.
        Some studios are going the right direction like dominic ford but still i have to be completely satisfied with a product.I’m not implying “models should have real sex and so on” I know it’s a performance but it’s not like all amatorial guys who record themselves are in love or real couples…

        So i guess a small step would be going back to a product based on chemistry and genuinity over emotionless and contrived action solely based on looks or models availability,let them have some fun as well instead of only using their bodies.I mean how many pool scenes there have to be,how many locker rooms with the same ol same ol bunch of frases”hey bro my girl is out but i need a bj”?
        Not to mention that many studios still didn’t get the memo that g4p is fucking oldnews,it’s precambrian old just like their models fake backgrounds,stories and scripts and looks.Even twinks are still emo for god’s sake..it’s 2011,it’s fucking over.

        Not to mention that it’s ok to have great bodies and all but as soon as a model hasn’t a 8 pack and he’s a bit pale,here come da gym police…It can’t be reduced to a cliché ALL the time.What’s going to happen when this static old gay generation will grow even older and tired?I hope studios will be able to adjust to a fresher demand and change the payment system for example,to make scenes accessible like itunes for example(yeah it’s sci-fi but that’s what keeps younger audience far away from porn at least legally).Can’t they realise that as soon as there is a small trace of emotion in a scene(even if scripted) followers go nuts?I understand that it’s scary to risk losing the only category that actually pays for your product but at a certain point you gotta let it go and move on,let the old porn man die gracefully and set new standards.

        I work in fashion so pretty much my judgment is totally fucked when it comes to aesthetics lol,but what i can tell is that porn photography is as static and old as porn itself,that’s why it’s a lot more interesting to see personal candids over professional photoshoots,also because it humanise models a bit.
        Btw what the hell have studios against those poor guys hair?this compulsive obsession of shaving and trimming and cutting their hair lol why?WHY??lmao

        I hope u will expand your vision and create something different!I already told you this but your name and what you said about SC and the general porn situation is still heavy and made a huge impact even if it’s still unconvenient to mention you so I hope it’s only the beginning!

  10. Okay, that was a hot scene. I loved David’s verbal abilities which add another intimate element. Seeing one another react to the other’s pleasure or discomfort was hot too. Made it feel more real. Devon you are a beautiful man. David came across as a very tender lover that was able to turn it up or down as needed. Loved seeing you get a little aggressive when you took control and got on top. Very hot!

  11. omg, im ln love. that bubble butt is so amazing, id be in heaven if i could just lick it. i cant get over how nice it is. id eat it, put myself inside u then eat it again when its opened up. mmmmmmmmmm <3

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