Interview: Devon of

Well… normally I am the one asking the questions, but here is a video interview where it is I who is answering. 🙂


Click here for Interview: Devon of, or view below.

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  1. You know, when the interviewer asked you what the client(s) should absolutley know about you I was thinking, “You love chocolate,” only to laugh out loud to hear you say that! 😛

    That’s nice. “Makes me feel good to make them feel good.” 🙂

    Such a goofball..

  2. What a wonderful interview! Your sincerity really shines through here. Watching that should be anyone at ease. Not even a hint of pretense is there. You are just precious.

  3. …lol, a rainbow diet…that’s just so gay!(and excellent advice!)Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable interview!

  4. Really nice interview. First time I’ve heard your voice, and you come off as very genuine. Only wish that the cameraman wouldn’t zoom in and out constantly. It was getting me dizzy!

  5. Well I really enjoyed that interview. I came across it when I was perusing Daddy’s Reviews. Love the fact that you like to have a connection with your clients because I am one of those clients that like to have a boyfriend experience. I am just sorry I missed you while you were in the DC area. I don’t hire much, but would love to see you….maybe a trip to Charlotte is in order. Stay sweet Devon!

  6. Cool, thanks. I split my time between two homes, one here in DC and one in Central VA about halfway between Richmond, VA and Charlottesville, VA, so if you have plans for those cities, let me know that too. xo

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