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It is the mission of DevonHunter.info to address stereotypes surrounding adult entertainment, disseminate practical information about the career, and humanize the workers in this field.


  • Those working in various fields of adult entertainment;
  • People seeking to pursue a career in adult entertainment;
  • Organizations that wish to perform outreach or provide services to adult entertainers;
  • Friends, families, and loved ones of adult entertainers who want to understand their loved one’s work life more thoroughly;
  • Patrons and admirers who wish to understand better how to interact with adult entertainers;
  • Club owners, booking directors, and other entertainment agents who wish to understand better how to make their venues friendly to adult entertainers;
  • General readers who are curious about the inner workings of adult entertainment.

Devon Hunter is a career adult entertainer with formal, professional training in dance and theatre. He completed his advanced studies in performance arts at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). He has performed in clubs across the country, danced professionally around North America and Europe, appeared in over 30 adult videos, and entertained private clients across the United States.

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  1. Dear Devon,

    I applaud the stated mission of your site. As the adult field becomes larger and larger, as difficulties mushroom for so many in the conventional work force, as well as in the arts, adult work has become a logical and necessary option for many. With so many consumers keeping this field a thriving and booming industry, and with so many talented people participating as performers and as consumers, the time for a re-assessment of our public attitude is long past due. The time for greater structuring and legitimizing is also past due.

    The mission of your site is an inevitable step, but you are one of the first to courageously and honestly take it.

    All best wishes,


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