Here is the love!

This post is rather like the flip-side to yesterday’s “Where is the love?” entry. If I was decrying entertainers who sabotage, then I also need to praise entertainers who collaborate (which is just as common, and is one of the points of tenuous balance in this career). Yes, there will be people who wish you […]

Getting through the bad nights…

I’ve said this before, but I want to remind myself and all my adult entertainment friends of something I was told by Carlos (he seems to be my exotic dance guru – and for good reason, too!): Remember that you are valuable beyond what your earn. Separate your self-worth from what you make. You are […]

I don’t like a man with too many muscles…

In yet another example of how inaccurately I see myself, I was told by a patron last Saturday night that “I don’t like you big, muscley men. I like the skinny boiz.” Wow. I’m 5’7″ or 5’8″, and even with all the working out I’ve been doing I still weigh less than #150. But okay. […]


It’s natural, I think, to want to make as much money as possible, given that cash is the life’s blood of the economy we live in. I may not like it, but money is necessary. Sometimes I get so tired of chasing after a buck, but then I realized something today: I enjoy what I […]