The online diary of a gay courtesan.

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My ongoing process

I recently took a six-month hiatus for several reasons simultaneously. The RentBoy raid completely interrupted my practice (just when flights and hotels suddenly got more expensive again). I’m the executor of my grandmother’s estate (and none of the beneficiaries cooperate). I needed time away to recenter and recover from burnout. I thought I’d found an […]

June 6, 2016   5 Comments


The beginning of the end

Many years ago now (it’s so strange to say that, but this blog is nearly 10 years old) I began a journey. 2007-2009 I went back to dancing in clubs after being in an abusive relationship wherein I was defrauded for $100k. In 2009 I did some videos, both to launch my escorting career and […]

February 23, 2016   2 Comments